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Scientists who regretted their inventions

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Scientists who regretted their inventions

Memorial Day is a solemn holiday that is devoted to remembering brave men and women who lost their lives in war. These brave soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their country. They surely deserve respect.

Many today have not really given much thought to the scientist that made machine and devices to saved lives. In this article, we are going to be looking at some scientist who made remarkable inventions with a view to saving lives but later came to see that their inventions intensified the war they wanted to stop.

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. He was a Swedish chemist, engineer, and inventor. He could speak five languages fluently by the age of seventeen. He is known by many as the creator of the Nobel Peace Prize. His devotion to the Peace prize originated from his invention- dynamite.

In 1867, he invented the dynamite as a safer and stable form of explosive. He thought that if he could make dynamite more stable, his invention would end the war. Sadly, the reverse was the case; his invention was weaponized by the army. Back in the days, dynamite explosion caused so many deaths. Nobel, was not happy with the reputation his invention gave him. And that is why he devoted a large number of his resources to establish the Peace Prize.

Arthur Galston

Arthur Galston was a popular American biologist, who devoted his time, resources and career towards helping plants grow. He concentrated on synthesizing triiodobenozoic acid, a hormone that could hasten up the flowering of Soya beans when used in low concentration. His research on TIBA was used by warfare scientist to formulate chemical weapon. They created an agent orange and used it to destroy enemy camps during the Vietnam War. The agent also caused severe birth defect and long-term health problems for adults.

The use of the Agent Orange was stopped in 1971. Galston felt guilty because his research resulted in the death of thousands of people.

Mikhail Kalashnikov

The focus of Mikhail Kalashnikov was on protecting his country. He enlisted in the army to do that. When he heard his comrades complaining about their rifles, he combined his interest in machinery and weaponry to design a better one. He created the AK-47” the world most prolific rifle”. Back in the day, the gun was sold at a very cheap price.

He later wished that he had not created something that could end a human life so easily, before he died he wrote a letter to the Russian Orthodox Church to beg for forgiveness.