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Scientific Discoveries that Changed Lives

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Scientific Discoveries that Changed Lives

We have heard about great inventions from some of the best scientists that ever lived such as Stephen Hawking and James Watson among others. These inventions did not start a few years ago but they have been around for centuries. It’s these extra-ordinary discoveries that played a huge role in how easy life is today.


  • Michael Faraday’s Electricity Discoveries


Imagine your world without electricity? Life would never be the same. A lot of things that makes our lives easier depend highly on electricity thanks to Michael Faraday.

The great scientific discoveries led to the electric motor and the first generator development. Today, there are huge generators and electric motors that run numerous machinery.


  • The Discovery of Australopithecus


There are different believes and scientific disciplines about the origin of man. One of the most important scientific discoveries about human evolution is the discovery of Australopithecus by an unnamed South African.

The person discovered a skull that was initially thought to be of an ape but later it was confirmed to be of a man after Raymond Dart took over the investigations.

  • Carl Wilhelm Scheele’s Oxygen Discovery


For humans and animals to have a life, they need oxygen. This is a chemical element that was discovered back in the year 1772 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a Swedish Pharmacist and named it as the “fire air”. In the year 1774, Joseph Priestly also discovered Oxygen which he named “dephlogisticated air”.

Despite these discoveries, it’s Antoine Lavoisier, a French scientist who proved that animal life respiration was supported by this chemical element.


  • The Fingerprints Discovery by Jan Evangelista Purkinje


One of the questions that many ask is how one can tell the difference between fingerprints from different people. This is a mystery to many who do not understand how one can tell that fingerprints have been left on the items that you have touched despite them not being visible.

This is one of the most important discoveries in law enforcement as it is used across the globe to solve crimes and identify criminals with ease. This great discovery happened back in the year 1823, which owes its success to Jan Evangelista Purkinje.


  • The Law of Universal Gravitation By Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton is one of the most famous and great scientists that ever lived. It is this physicist and English mathematician that made sense to why things fall down instead of going up to the skies. This is the law of universal gravitation that explained that objects are drawn towards each other by a force known as gravity.