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In the past, the horse and the cart were regarded as an impressive technology. People used it to travel long distances quickly and carry heavy goods easily. There was more advancement in the horse-cart technology. Luxurious coaches were made to transport dignitaries. Other cart and coaches were made specifically for transporting goods.

Over the years, science has evolved. Science has developed and improved the way that we travel to the point that in this age and day, we have airplanes, automobile and space shuttles. These things make our lives so much easier.

Years ago, the major means of communication was by letters. The time frame between the mailing and delivery was not indefinite. There was no way to confirm if the recipients receive the letter until he or she responded. The telegram came and changed the communication industry. People were amazed by this technology.

Presently, scientific developments now allow us to communicate instantaneously through social media platforms and the internet. There is no longer any delay in communication, information can be sent to anywhere in the world and received within seconds. There is now a window for people to communicate through video calls with dedicated programs like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Skype. The beauty of this technology is that you can fit it into your pocket and carry it with you.

A major problem with mobile devices is their poor battery life. Despite the fact that there has been some impressive technology, much effort has not been exerted to address the poor battery problem in our device.

In medieval times, soldier or knight walked with heavy metal armor that covered them from head to toe. Putting on these armors was a serious challenge to these knights.

Knight guarded figure of power and authority and had to be on the heavy and uncomfortable armor all day. These armors sometimes weighted more than 40kg. A huge amount of strength was needed to wear them and fight with them.

Science has played an important role in the lives of modern-day knights. With the invention of lightweight vests, deflect knives and synthetic materials. All these make it easier for them to carry out their duties easily.

Final note

These are just a couple of ways science has improved the quality of our lives. In years to come, there is likely going to be more and more advancement in science and technology.