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Science has improved the quality of our lives in immeasurable ways, it can be a force for good. That said, this powerful tool can become dangerous, especially when it gets entangled in greed and politics. The inherent ambitions for science to push boundaries of what we currently know have to lead to some mind- puzzling moments.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some dangerous scientific experiment ever carried out.

Project MKUltra

This was CIA’s attempt to mastermind control. The program lasted for 16 years. Under MKUltra, unwilling subjects were often given drugs like LSD. The test subjects were put through sleep deprivation, sexual abuse, hypnosis and other kinds of torture.

The purpose of the project was to create mind-controlling drugs.

Weaponizing the plague

The plague killed half of Europe population, the last time it roamed around. More than one hundred million people died.  The Soviet Union’s biological warfare program found out how to weaponize the plague. Beside the plague, the soviet also had other bio-weapon programs. They had tons of smallpox and anthrax.

The Hadron supercollider

The LCH in Switzerland is the largest machine and most sophisticated scientific instrument ever made. It was built to study particle physics. Because of the technology that was involved, the general public was skeptical about it.  The LHC has been blamed for pulling asteroids and causing earthquakes.

There has also been some conspiracy theory that surrounds this technology. It has been accused of potentially creating a large black hole that could destroy the earth.

The organization running it (CERN ) has claimed that it is not dangerous but acknowledges that a black hole could be created by it.

The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment

A government-backed study from 1932 to 1972 denied 399 African American patients the treatment for syphilis. Even after it was discovered that penicillin was effective against it in 1947, the sick patients were not told.

The purpose of the experiment was to study the natural process of syphilis if left untreated. Twenty-eight of the people in the study died from syphilis while hundreds died from complication relating to the disease.

Guatemalan STD study

In the pursuit of science, the U.S government deliberately infected 1500 Guatemalans with sexually transmitted disease (STD) like gonorrhea. The test subjects were prostitutes, military conscripts, and orphans. The researchers used disease infected injection and prostitute to make their test subject sick.

The test subjects have currently sued (JHU) for the role it took in the study.