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Science has had a positive impact on our lives. Things that were difficult and cumbersome can now be done effortlessly. Thanks to science, we can travel to distant areas quickly; information can be sent and received within a short period of time.  The advantages of science are many and everybody is benefiting a lot from it. The evolution of science has also affected humans in some negative ways.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the disadvantages of science and technology.

Environment impact

It is obvious that the environment has been negatively affected by the advancement of science and technology. Environmental issues are one of the biggest issues the Earth is facing. Increased global warming, climatic changes, depleting the ozone layer, animal extinction and the list goes on. The establishment of mega factories and plants has negatively impacted the environment and the lives of humans. Urbanization, research, and development are scientific advancements that have improved the quality of our lives, but the price of these advancements is too high to be overlooked.

Health impact

Medical science is indeed a blessing to mankind. Medicines produced over the world are seen by many as the best way to cure a person’s illness. But there are some negative points associated with medical science. For example, excessive consumption of drugs can lead to a serious health condition and even death. Incorrect consumption of drugs can lead to serious health conditions that are almost impossible to cure.

Medical advancement has improved the quality of our lives but it comes with perils of all kinds. A mistake or slight ignorance can often result in serious consequences.

Technological impact

Technology made complex tasks simple. Activities that took weeks and months to complete can now be done within days. However, it has made use too engaged or occupied to see our loved ones. The use of technology has been linked to a series of health conditions. Many today are completely reliant and dependent on appliances and electronic gadget.

A lot of people now spend a large chunk of their time operating their laptop and playing video games. With zero physical activity, they likely will become obese.

Final note

Science has improved the quality of our lives, things that were once viewed as impossible are now possible because of science. But science has its fair share of woes. It is presently affecting certain areas of our lives in a negatively.